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The boundaries of the Indian palate are fast disappearing. We often hear jokes that the national dish of the U.K is “curry” and about tandoori chicken and paratha being found on Mount Everest and the ever popular dosa being available in the remotest corners of world. In fact Mount Titlis in Switzerland has a restaurant dedicated to Bollywood, Pav Bhaji and Batata Vadas. Indian fast food is on the fast track!

Joining this list of universal favourites is the Mumbai specialty of Vada Pav! (a Veg spiced potato patty sandwiched in a bread bun). The totally desi burger to suit every palate – you can do spicy, non spicy, garlic, cheese and more. The unique blend of Indian made chilli flakes – to give any pizza joint a run for their money.

The concept of an all Indian burger is an idea whose time had come.

Gourmet Twist

As they say, “you can take the Indian out of India but you can’t take India out of the Indian”.

Keeping these insights as their corner stone and capitalizing on the predominantly Gujarati population and their penchant for snacking, Burger King Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. started a variation of the great Indian burger in Silvassa. There was something here for every age group, for the traditionalists and the adventurous…..

Solid desi vegetarian fare with a gourmet twist.

The menu comprises:

Choice of freshly baked pav, whole wheat or white:


Mumbai Vada Pav or Mini Vada Pav

Toppings include Chutney (garlic, tomato, coconut); Schezwan; Chilli; 1000 Islands, Cheese.

Franchise Opportunity

Burger King Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. was conceptualized years ago around the time that Dr. Manmohan Singh & Shri. Narasimha Rao opened the doors of the Indian economy to liberalization and globalization. The promoters always believed the Indian palate will remain largely Desi at heart and staple branded Indian street cuisine would be welcome and they could grow the brand of popular Indian street food on the lines of Singapore street cart chains. They also realized that the youth in India would rapidly absorb Western ideas and even look and behave “Western” but at heart would remain very ‘desi”.

Now all set to expand to other cities with its street carts within malls, cinema multiplexes and high street food corners, the company welcomes franchise partnerships, please call + 91 - 98200 20481 for more information and details.

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